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the author at Monticello

Welcome to home, garden, life.

Permit me to introduce myself. I am Diane LaSauce, author of home, garden, life located in Central Virginia, USA. I am a graduate of Virginia Commonwealth University with a BFA in interior design. For nearly a decade, I owned and operated a highly successful residential interior design firm located in Northern Virginia where I offered full-service, turnkey solutions to a diverse clientele. Currently residing in Western Albemarle County, I blog about the wonders and pitfalls of living, loving, and learning.

The mission of this blog is sustainability and education. My motto: “Respect the earth; Create memorable food”.

Diane’s passions extend deeply into writing and landscape photography where during 2011 her blog— home, garden, life — was born. Writing about a love of home, garden and life’s experiences, complemented by her photographs, this blog supports her mission of sharing, learning and a fundamental commitment to the environment.

dill in the summer garden ~ an important host plant for the black swallowtail butterfly

Twenty-five years ago, I became a Virginia Master Gardener and this knowledge proved invaluable when planning the gardens at my current residence. Once the existing palette was cleared of invasives and diseased plant material, the process of implementing organic methods and planting native, edible landscaping began. Each year since rewards me with bounty and beauty.

chocolate layer cake

However, in this climate one must remain vigilant. Gardening is an ongoing challenge, with plant success depending mostly on the whims of Mother Nature. To offset garden failures, I receive great joy and satisfaction by monitoring bluebirds, maintaining a Monarch Waystation, and witnessing the miracle of nature moment to moment.

Blogging allows a worldwide forum with a center for learning and sharing—and your feedback is important.
I will honor my mission by posting regularly to this site.
Please comment so I may know whether this blog accomplishes its purpose.
Thank you.

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