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The month of March is paramount in my life, perhaps because March is my birth month. However, more importantly, March represents a time of rebirth, renewal, and hope.

This morning as I gaze onto the landscape, much of my view remains dormant and crispy brown, yet persistent daffodils appear without fail, pushing out of the soil despite whatever life or Mother Nature delivers. Robins returned by the hundreds last week, and the resident mockingbird who found her mate with lightning speed, now busily crafts her first nest. These magnificent events unfailingly prod “to do” lists while the remnants of the long winter past tug at me to rest, reflect, and live in the present.

Therefore for today, I shall merely glance at that chore list, observe the busy birds, slip back into bed with that unfinished book, recharge, and be thankful to be a part of this incredible world.

Sustainable living cannot be more personal, especially as we age…a reminder to do less and be more by preserving the source. Moreover, the source begins with each of us and that responsibility lies within.

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