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My world explodes with color! The drab of winter departed and in its wake lush green of lawn and trees; velvet burgundy of the barberry; pristine white of the bleeding heart, dogwood, viburnum, spirea, Lily-of -the-valley; bashful blue of  Virginia bluebells, Muscari; yolk-yellow of the narcissus; show-stopping orange of the oriental poppy; fragile lavender of the clematis vine—divine fragrances intoxicate me.

Once again, in awe of Mother Nature, I am grateful for abundant cool rains this spring, which tickle the garden’s delicate balance.

Days like these, when time indoors arouses yearning to be out amongst the wonder.

Forget the drudgery! Be out in the garden, as this display fades all too quickly!

Dream of peace and a semblance of sanity on our planet.

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