No this is not a mouse…it is Apples, the silliest red chicken I ever met. She was a rescue by a neighbor who decided my wild bird offerings were divine.

Morning temperatures are 61 degrees and 2.8″ of rain fell during the night. Oh how happy this gardener is! Virginia summers are ugly at best for those of us who attempt to garden. Yet this morning, I sigh a long exhale, and inhale the fresh, clean air and notice my garden perk up following a long drink from Mother Nature.

One can almost set a clock by the habits of field mice. Last week my van had telltale signs of mouse invasion. Bits of insulation covered the passenger side floor and I knew that it was time to open the glove box, remove the cabin air filter, and clean out the messy remnants of the evening. Out also came the mousetraps, one set on the battery under the hood, and the other placed on the passenger side floor.

Within the past seven days, I trapped three critters under the hood, and will continue to trap until they find another place to party. Normally, I do not kill wild creatures, yet mice can be very destructive. My neighbor had a mouse end up in her auto’s AC unit, and aside from the stench, the repair bill was off the charts!

Therefore, September is the time to observe your local mice habits, and take steps to reduce the local population (no poison please!).

Sorry mice, leave my van alone.

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