June arrived in Central Virginia resembling a fiery dragon with very wet feet.

Temperatures and humidity soared from cool, moist 60’s to the high 90’s. Ticks and mosquitoes are out in droves, making gardening more of a chore than bliss.

I continue to mourn the loss of Miss Kitty, therefore this blog will have a revised twist in order to rest my creativity for the time being. I am asking my followers to begin an open forum on this blog, to have a voice, to interact, to comment below, and perhaps we will learn and inspire each other.

I see from my stats that readers of this blog include folks from the USA, UK, Germany, Canada, Indonesia, Russia, Iran, Brazil, Guernsey, and Hungary. Why not join and contribute from a worldwide arena to a tiny blog in Albemarle County, USA?

What is your passion? What keeps you sustainable? What motivates you in the face of trials and tribulations? What have you learned from life? Let us begin our dialogue…simply click on “leave a comment” at the top of this essay. Thanks!