Although I grumble about maintaining my home, it is my sanctuary. Whenever I seek a substitute, not one is found.

Organic grape galette made from my home-grown grapes. Yum!

Sunday is my favorite day of the week, as I dawdle, remain in my night-clothes until afternoon, wander the gardens in my robe, prepare a sumptuous breakfast, watch the bird box activity from the comfort of my bed, and this particular morning had the unique opportunity to photograph a black swallowtail as it emerged from its chrysalis.

One of my hobbies is raising butterflies. Four years ago I created a Monarch Waystation in my garden and host plants provide food and nectar for Monarchs, Swallowtails, Fritillaries, Red Spotted Purples, Skippers, Sulphurs, and Cabbage Whites. Every year is different and educational, teaching additional patience as I tend my creatures, both indoors and out. I recently switched to a digital camera format, and delight in the results. When I master the video portion, motion will preserve the grand events here at Swallowtail Cottage.

Verbena is a butterfly magnet and the scarlet runner lives up to its name

Nature continues to find me awestruck. I shall never outgrow her wonders. I will focus on beauty as it emerges and unfolds and find curiosity in each passing day. How many folks share their office for a short time with a Red Spotted Purple, a newly emerged Black Swallowtail, or a community of bashful mealworms awaiting a hungry resident Bluebird?

As for the gentle showers that fall this Sunday, they merely lengthen the tranquil mood of this day.

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