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Last Saturday, while attending our local farmers’ market, I observed the most amazing sight. In the busy crowd strolled a magnificent golden Labrador in company with his mistress. This was a service dog, clearly marked by his vest, yet in his mouth, he held an oil soaked bag containing a recently fried donut.

Normally, one would think that this potent and tempting scent would cause the bearer to salivate, if not consume the treat bag and all. Yet this professional canine was truly in service. As the two strolled by, I quickly borrowed a camera and caught up with the pair, asking if I could record this event. Mistress approved, stating that “this was his job” and that he worked at the Pentagon. I promised not to put his image on the Internet, per her request.

As I snapped the shot, the dog and I made eye contact, and in those deep chocolate-brown eyes speckled with dazzling highlights, we connected for a second, and his tail wagged in approval. I was in awe, as this seemed to epitomize service in the truest sense.


a freshly fried donut 


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