This day began before sunrise, as I dragged the hose around the yard, watering needy plants before high temperatures and humidity brewed. I adore quiet mornings here at Swallowtail Cottage, and there are many.

Feeling such a connection to nature as I toil, bringing life-giving moisture to vulnerable plants, propping up flower laden stems, plucking succulent tomatoes off vines before critters find them, admiring the agility of cicada killer wasps as they fly their tank-like bodies with ease, monitoring the vegetable garden before harvesting for a later meal, listening to songs of resident birds as they begin another busy day…life is good here, simple yet good.

What happened next topped the morning show outside; it was a gift that I found next to my office chair when I fired up the laptop. If you follow my blog, you know that my beloved Miss Kitty departed this life on the fifth of May. Weekly cottage cleanings since then removed remnants of her physical being, yet there, on the floor, next to my chair was a long Miss Kitty whisker. Are you thinking what I am thinking?

Yes indeed, I am reconciled with comforting thoughts that Miss Kitty resides with me still, in spirit and apparently in physical manifestations. After all we are the “Bawdy, Bodacious Girls” or “BBG’s” and I look forward to her incarnation as my ongoing muse. In the meantime her whisker tickles my imagination.

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