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I am liberated! For the past eleven years I used dial-up in my rural hamlet and finally got so fed up with pokey publishing, that I took the plunge today, expecting the transition to be stressful. Indeed the contractor was late, very late. I expected him at 9AM and he appeared at 2:30PM.

Therefore, I completed much paperwork and data entry while the day progressed and nudged on a happy face when the fellow showed.

Mother Nature delivered nearly 9o degrees today, slathered again with damned Virginia summer humidity, and the contractor arrived hot and tired. Additionally, CenturyLink failed to tell him that he was also slated for inside hookup. We both coped—he with a tall glass of ice water—and I with the happy face, and this chore became surprisingly pleasant. When he departed I still needed to set up my new email account.

Tech support impressed me with prompt service from a real nice guy in Austin. We glitched at the last step, so Maddon handed me off to Microsoft, who nabbed my PC and fixed the glitch in seconds. Nice guys both and my overall experience memorable.

With my new-found speed, I have been here for hours adding my photos to my WordPress blogs, that easily slid from my abandoned Blogger site, due to irreconcilable differences with Google. I am learning to love DSL and WordPress. Hope you love my blogs. Please comment. Thanks.

Post Script

Bliss is often short-lived. My initial DSL experience was tainted when the statement arrived. None of the negotiated pricing was found and many extra charges applied, which required immediate action on my part. The first agent found no notes in my file, therefore I insisted on climbing the management ladder. Finally a day supervisor reversed incorrect charges and lowered the monthly fee, yet I was informed that “these advertised prices” are in effect for merely twelve months. Therefore, in one short year, I will declare open season on DSL. Why must customers endure such games?

Currently Centurylink holds customers like me hostage over the monopoly barrel. There is no other DSL service in my area. While I continue to enjoy the digital antenna on my roof, which provides free and excellent service, DSL is another issue. As technology improves, I hope that new options arrive to save those of us from this unfair marketing roulette. I am relentless in my quest, while many retailers attempt to take unfair advantage.

Are any readers of this blog fed up with marketing games? How can we as a collective humanity change this for the betterment of all?

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