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October slipped into place this week right on schedule. Dawn arrives later and dusk creeps in earlier. The past few mornings temperatures were in the 40’s forcing dramatic change in the summer garden. Basil must be harvested today, for what may be the last time, before frost. The mighty seven-foot okra stalks were cut down yesterday, while attempting another flush of tender edibles.

Okra’s end

Yes, October is transition time—time to release the past nine months. My body yearns to slow down, sleep longer, rest. Flannel sheets feel so yummy! While the garden sets a perfect example, there are chores waiting and many clients to satisfy. True rest will not arrive until January. Only then will I join the garden and take pleasure in a long winter nap.

Farewell summer of 2011. You were a challenge: I learned a lot, wept a lot, grew a lot, and created a lot. Now to enjoy the splendor of October, one of the two months each year when I truly benefit from life. This afternoon, I will throw a leg over a horse and reconnect with my true loves—nature, horses, and the scent of leather…I may even write another poem.

Fortune, the neighborhood kitty, continues to visit my garden each day, and comes dressed for Halloween. Perhaps she will bring a rally to the sagging fourth quarter.

Darling Fortune (a neighbor’s cat) explores the grape vine at Swallowtail Cottage. She was decked out for Halloween. 

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