Too soon October flies.

November lurking in dreary skies.

~ Diane LaSauce


Sedum shows off during winter…blushing with the frost and oh so hardy

Wholly, fervently, utterly in love with October, I cough and sputter at the frost and chill of November. I wonder if the young cardinals are faring well with their first douse of twenty-degree temperatures. At dawn today, one robin sat nestled in the frozen rug junipers, mesmerized by the cold—no tasty worms this morning. Fortunately, the clear sky promises to deliver a mild afternoon.

As I stroll the house this Sunday to find all the clocks and complete the tedious task of moving timepieces back one hour, I wonder what madman had the power to enforce this bizarre twice-a-year tradition in the US. Do other countries abide by this absurd ritual? Instead of attempting to manipulate planetary shifts, why not rest in knowing that the universe provides best when left unhampered, and that we mere mortals should more often sit on the sidelines and observe.

Easy and I observe

Easy and I observe the quiet landscape


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