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The Cauliflower

I wanted to be a cauliflower

all brains and ears,

thinking on the origin of gardens…

Not like my cousins, the cabbages,

whose heads, tightly folded,

see and hear nothing of this world, 

dreaming only on the yellow 

and green magnificence

that is hardening within them. 

~John Haines

Color affects every aspect of my days.

It stimulates every morsel of my being and brings the season into focus.

How can one help shivering with delight

when one’s hot fingers close around

the stem of a live flower

cool from the shade and stiff with

newborn vigor!

~Colette  The Halt

Let food be thy medicine~Hippocrates

What hue makes you quiver?

What tone could you not live without?

What chroma will you cherish to your end of days?

Copyright © by Diane LaSauce 2011-12 All rights reserved