Say the word Thanksgiving and immediately aromas drift to mind—pumpkin pies made from roasted rouge vif d’Etampes or Cinderella pumpkin custard resting in crispy Pate Brisee crusts, the medley of roasted root vegetables—dressed with olive oil, sweet butter and sea salt—hearty yet oh so tender. The melt-in-your-mouth Red Garnet sweet potatoes, gently nudged in their skins—so perfect nothing is added; velvety soups of butternut squash and ginger…I could go on.

And yes I do remember golden turkeys, carefully brined and served as though it were a main jewel in a crown.

Yet for years now I forgo the turkey, and meat of any kind. I made a pact decades ago, if I could not kill the warm-blooded creature, I would no longer eat it.

I would rather have second helpings of silky chestnut soup, savor complex artisanal cheeses, crunch assorted nuts, and sip local apple cyder.

This is Thanksgiving; a time to reflect, a time to be grateful, a time to adore those you love, and most of all, a time to be generous.

May you all share this day in peace and laughter.

How does the word Thanksgiving resonate with you?

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