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I just finished a simply delicious lunch—pasta with blanched kale and chive flowers.

Most folks forget to forage for delectables in their gardens during spring. Johnny Jump Ups, sage and chive flowers fill my garden now—each wonderful as a garnish for deserts, salads and entrees, providing any dish unique color, flavor and beauty. I pick them for market (and attempt to educate shoppers) and dine in luxury at home with these beautiful works of nature.

Read on and see two simple recipes I created in a New York Minute…and remember to glide your mouse over the images for further description.

Desire a quick meal in minutes? Here are two recipes…

Two Pastas with Blanched Kale and Chive Flowers

Cook your two favorite pastas according to directions. Three minutes before pastas are al dente, rinse and tear kale (organic please) and drop into boiling pasta water. Poke leaves down so all kale pieces blanch evenly. Drain this quickly in a strainer then return to pasta pot, leaving pasta wet. Sprinkle with olive oil and perhaps a generous dollop of sweet butter and sea salt. Plate hot pasta and top with chive flowers (to taste), gently pulled from the stem. Serve with a generous amount of grated cheese of your choice. EAT WHILE HOT!

I cook 1/4 box of each pasta in this recipe. Serves three or me three separate times!

Crispy Tortilla with Diced Egg and Chive Flowers

Heat a 10″ skillet over medium heat. Add 1 T. olive oil. Place in a tortilla and toast until golden/crispy then turn to toast other side. This only takes a minute, so watch the pan! Have two diced boiled eggs ready, tossed with mayo or olive oil and sea salt. Place crispy tortilla on a plate and top with egg mixture and add additional chive flowers. May be folded when consumed. Violas are a pretty addition too! Enjoy! Serves One.

See, I told you these were easy, yet how luxurious. Now if I could only find the patch of trees with the morels.

NOTE: Chive flowers store well in the refrigerator in a closed container. Violas are best picked just before consuming, rinsed gently.

Bon Appetite!

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