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Sunday is my day to lounge in bed until 10:30, then I putter around the house foraging for an interesting breakfast. The usual breakfast of oat groats, nuts and dry fruits filled my belly, while I observed the garden and fed the hungry back-yard birds.

By noon I was ready to create something fast and nutritious. I pulled fresh kale, half of a raw red-garnet sweet potato, a head of red cabbage, and my favorite nuts out of the fridge drawer while dry fruit came from the cupboard.

This was the result following a few minutes under the knife and in the steamer…

Gently Steamed Veggies and Raw Cabbage Lunch

Shred a red cabbage and toss with your favorite dressing (I added whole fennel seed). Set aside. Peel and thin slice a red-garnet sweet potato and place in the bottom of a steamer basket. Top with washed, torn kale. Cover and steam kale 4-5 minutes, then remove and continue to steam sweet potato until tender—just a few minutes more. Gather your favorite nuts and dry fruits. Assemble these ingredients on a pretty plate, drizzle with olive oil, sea salt to taste.

NOTE: I always consume certified organic food.

After the plated salad photo was taken, I remembered the fresh feta in the fridge, and I crumbled a healthy portion over salad top. The choice of cheese is yours.

Savor this healthy meal in your home.

There is plenty of cabbage prepared for future fast meals, that become spontaneous and creative, not to mention healthy!

Another easy meal from me to you…Bon Appetite!

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