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As I traversed my local landscape Sunday, where Virginia Black Angus cattle usually speckle farmland vistas, I spotted what appeared to be hay with horns—and not just any horns. Upon closer examination, fortunately with a board fence between us, the hay-with-horns revealed a massive hulk of bull. No bull!

Following further investigation, I learned that this and others in the same pasture are rodeo broncs on vacation. Lord knows, I could never throw a leg over one of these monsters—not for any amount of money nor the size of the belt buckle.

This lounger never moved as I clicked away and repositioned my body for multiple angles.

This bull’s hide is so tough, flies do not land…

Can we just imagine the stories this one could tell if only he could speak?

Where am I anyway? On my way home this afternoon, I spied a field filled with long horn cattle! I must do a drive by again, this time with my camera, as I think that I have wound up in Kansas or Oklahoma or Nebraska! OMG!

Times they are a changin’!

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