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Fridays are always busy here—especially in the kitchen.

Since I rise early, by 10AM there were seven Key Lime Pies cooling in the fridge;

by noon the madeleines were golden and packed neatly into their bags; fifteen pounds of granola await the trip to town and containers of chive/artichoke pesto rest in the freezer.

Fresh bags of chard are tucked along side the pie boxes—the precious snow peas debut tomorrow and will bring high praise dollars. The scones and bread are last items to cool—finally I can unwind until four AM Saturday, when the alarms sound.

I created two additional quick meals in the past two days, adding a few snow peas and spinach from the garden. I do not consume what goes to market, as once the recipe is perfected, the items merely become revenue. I say this following twelve years of specialty baking, an occupation I stumbled upon while supervising contractors during a LONG home renovation. Now that the house is finished, I want to retire from food production, yet my clients threaten to disembowel me if I do.

The next two photos are quick meals over the past two days.

Out in the garden the hydrangeas are spectacular. It struggled for a few years, yet in its new location appears to thrive—a triumph!

Most back yard birds thrive, while Ethel, the flightless grackle, finds the birdbath positioned to accommodate her remaining days. She thoroughly enjoyed this bath—her first.

At dusk a huge raccoon scurried across my lawn, only to climb the cedar tree and gaze down at me—undaunted. I fear Ethel’s days may be numbered, unless her wing feathers support her flight soon. Never a dull  moment in this home, garden, or life.

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Happy Weekend to All!

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