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This is a very special blog dedicated to my friend and neighbor Stella

who is six years old.

Since a toddler, Stella showed interest in the outdoors. She accompanies her father into the yard most days to sing, play, giggle, and enjoy. When I have butterfly larvae in my gardens, Stella comes to see. She is always eager to visit and share moments of garden wonder.

Stella sat with me one afternoon last May while we observed the flight of tree swallows—a few days following the death of my beloved Miss Kitty. I could hardly speak, yet Stella’s presence eased my grief and her innocent gesture remains with me to this day.

This spring I noticed that Stella created her own garden, aside the house, on bare dirt. There she plays with her imaginary fairies. She resurrected a statue and other items—yet I had a plan.

On her birthday, I gave Stella a metal butterfly sculpture for her garden. Following permission from her parents, I brought over unused terracotta pots and seeds, added mulch to the patch of dirt, arranged her sculptures, then awaited her return from school.

Together Stella and I planted flower seeds in the pots and I showed her how to care for them using a watering can. I truly thought Stella was ready for a real garden of her own, where she could nurture tiny seeds and produce colorful flowers.

This is the Stella’s garden today

The wood path was later added by Stella,

as it leads to the blue roof of the fairy house.

This is Stella’s garden sculpture

she says is too pretty to go into her garden

so she keeps it in her room.

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