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Recovered from the snake drama for the time being, a much prettier view manifested for me in the garden today. For the first time in eleven years fluttered a zebra swallowtail. I could not believe my eyes and grabbed the camera. A very shy beauty, this zebra dotted and dashed as I failed many shots. This one is not perfect, yet will convey the splendor of this fine flutter-bye..

Back in the kitchen, I decided to splurge on brunch, and pan fried two slices of my signature bread, Rustic 21 in butter until golden. Two wedges of chevre topped with sliced almonds then drizzled with local honey finished this scrumptious snack. Of course the second the photo was snapped, the cherve was mushed onto the hot bread and crunch, crunch, crunch. If I could sell it this way at market, I would charge a king’s ransom…

This kind of light meal does not occur often, as I rarely return home from market with an unsold loaf. Today…Yum!

Fresh lavender flowers would be a nice garnish.

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