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Last week I met with one of my widowed senior clients who, at the age of ninety-three, continues to live independently. As I entered the lobby of her residence, I was greeted by a congenial doorman who directed me to my client. Aided only by a rolling walker, she guided me down the halls to the elevator.

During our three hour project, I realized how simple her life has become. As we purged her filing cabinet, we discarded former home documents, auto sales receipts, maintenance documents, and other home ownership information. All this is behind her and she is free of these tribulations. Outside I noticed the beautiful gardens, full and lush and I felt a bit of envy.

Today my client merely pays rent each month for this dwelling, where all else is managed by the residence, including meals. Ongoing paper maintenance will be limited to her investments, medical statements and reams of junk mail.

Oh the simplicity!

As I gaze into my landscape while the temperature warms above comfort level, I find solace within my air conditioned walls, resigned to my responsibilities of home ownership—until I choose change.

Rising before dawn to check the gardens, I water the few plants that need nurturing, enjoy the voices of birds, and escape the inevitable heat index of the oncoming day.

Yet the visit with my mature client was a reality/mortality check. In time I must choose to nurture myself and select an easier lifestyle—where daily demands are limited to those I truly enjoy. Less responsibility appeals to me, along with the freedom to roam.

Therefore, I must ponder these matters and plot my path ahead.

Have any of my followers had a similar epiphany?

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