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Who says we cannot get excited about a vegetable?? When I spotted this beauty at the farmer’s market Saturday, I thought, “come to mama!”

If ever you grow this cruciferous veggie, you will quickly learn this is not an easy process. I only purchase these, as I have not the time or patience. But OH how I love thee! Every time I opened the fridge on Sunday, I admired my prize and contemplated how I would devour it. Too pretty for soup…

This morning I could no longer wait, so I broke off a few florets and placed them in my trusty steamer. Piping hot, and with a healthy splash of olive oil and a light sprinkle of sea salt, down the hatch it went—crunch, crunch, crunch.

Sunday I had a few folks over and decided to break my rule of not cooking blueberries. My three bushes are loaded this year, therefore armed with Baking with Julia, I whipped up eighteen muffins, that turned out lighter than air.

Not huge or gorgeous, these melted in our mouths, or rather—were enhaled by my guests. I saved a few back and enjoyed two for breakfast at room temperature. YUM! The only thing that I would alter in the recipe, is REDUCE the salt to 1/2 teaspoon. I forced myself to freeze the remaining four and test how they handle the cold. Yeh, right!

The following are a few additional snaps from Saturday’s market—too beautiful to omit. Enjoy!

Bluebird Update

This morning the bluebird pair returned with their two chicks in tow. Both babes look wonderful, freckled, and still begging for food, as mama begins rebuilding her second nest for the season—in the same box. I fear the third fledged chick did not survive in the wild, yet I must focus on the success of the remaining two. How adorable to witness one chick mimicking mama by picking up a pine needle!

I awoke this morning to find both bird feeders toppled by some large critter, I presume the marauding raccoon. It will be a challenge for this new BB nest cycle. Have not seen the likes of the black racer since Sunday week, yet it too will be a risk for nesting birds—until I can capture/release it. Gulp!

Now back to the chores of this homeowner. The pressure tank begs to be replaced. Where is that plumber?

You all have a great week and please visit your local farmer’s market and fall in love with a veggie!


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