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Look who was waiting for me when I went to the mailbox yesterday…

slightly out of focus yet how handsome is my mailbox pal?

Not sure why my Nikon has trouble focusing on tiny things these days…frustrating.

Anyway my pal walked onto my hand and I delivered it to a cooler and safer spot in the garden.

better off on the snow peas

With triple digit temperatures forecast for this week, I was in the garden before six today to check soils and monitor the four new eggs in the bluebird box.

Back in the kitchen, I swiftly knocked out 12# of granola while I could let the oven heat out the window before the mercury ascended. I over bought fresh garlic for the chutney recipes causing the fridge to reek. This odor does not mix with tomorrow’s key lime pies, so I decided to roast the remaining cloves.

melt in your mouth roasted garlic cloves

It is amazing how 350 degrees, olive oil, butter, salt & pepper, oregano, and chicken stock transform stinking cloves into a sweet, mouth watering gourmet delight.

To finish my morning tasks with a treat, the first white peaches of the season were ripe enough to devour. OMG good.

first white peaches of the season

I hope that wherever you are your day is filled with summer surprises.

The weatherman says that Saturday will be 100 degrees—pray for me. 😉

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