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Baby blue birds should fledge this Thursday. I can no longer open their box although I wish I could monitor the third nestling. I wring my hands—these photos were taken on day nine and day thirteen. Today is day fifteen. I am in awe of these delicate creatures and their amazing ability to go from egg to flight in a mere eighteen days.

On day nine, I discovered blowfly pupa in the nest box and decided to destroy the infested nest. I built a new one from coir strands and raffia. The chicks appear to be well. Mama did not notice the new accommodations. Blowfly is a killer of chicks, therefore monitoring is important.

nestling bluebirds day nine

day thirteen–notice how small the third chick is on right side~born last

By day thirteen the chicks eyes are fully open and they will no longer gape for me. Temperatures here hit the 100 degree mark a few times over the past week, and both adults and chicks were terribly stressed. The patio umbrella helped, and the fan moved enough air to keep them alive for another day.

YES, I did drag an electric line across the yard and erected a fan on the ground below the nest box. By opening the nest box door a crack, air moved through the hot box. YES, I do pamper the bluebirds in my care. That is what monitoring is all about. And YES, I am exhausted. Let us hope that all three chicks fledge. The third chick is three days younger than the first, and that may lead to its demise. Time will tell.

On Sunday, my neighbor Stella delivered another beautiful thank you card as I refreshed her fairy pots with petunias last week.

These are the images of her three garden fairies.

 I enjoyed her father’s garden tomato topped with fresh mozzarella and basil.

Summer is a time of challenge on many levels, as Mother Nature has her way with everyone and everything. I attempt to cling to her good and learn from her wrath.

After all I am mere mortal.

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