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As I completed last night’s blog rain fell in sheets then abruptly quit, making for a pleasant evening. I decided to go after a few stubborn weeds in the pathways. The mosquitoes quickly drove me inside, where I enjoyed a cool shower. Looking out the kitchen window, as is my habit when monitoring the back yard bluebirds, I noticed a bit of activity. Through my binoculars I saw a nestling sitting in the opening of the Noel guard. It then hopped into the feeding dish, looked around, then after Mama appeared, grabbing a mouthful of meal worms, seemingly unconcerned, she vanished into the nearby thicket—these nestling were fledging tonight!

I continued to observe from the kitchen, deducing that the oldest had already fledged, and the #2 babe was soon to follow. Indeed, within a few moments, #2 took off in the direction of #1, never missing a beat. THEN I held my breath as I waited to see if #3 had survived. Next I saw her, cautiously considering departing the box. Mama came back for more meal worms, ignoring #3. In turn, #3 hopped into the Noel guard, looked back at the entrance to the box, rested and observed, then quickly flew into the thicket. I could not believe how fortunate I was to witness this special event. By my calculations, fledging should have occurred two days from now.

empty nest following fledge~my coir and raffia nest design was a success! No blowfly!

side view of bird box and coir nesting material~cozy yet cool!

The night was calm and mild, and this AM, I see both adults actively feeding fledglings in the thicket. I filled the small feeder inside the Noel guard, hoping that the adults would continue to use the contents for supplemental meals…and YES they are. RELIEF! My chores are lessened and perhaps three additional magnificent bluebirds will grace this county. Mission accomplished!

Now to see if the adults begin a third nest cycle. As brutal as this summer began, I hope that they do not. Being a bird is challenging! Yet oh how they provide me with pleasure, lessons, and hope for the future.

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