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home, garden, life was born on WordPress one year ago this month. Ninety-four heart-felt posts reside here and one-hundred followers kindly subscribe, come what may. More than seven-thousand folks dropped by, from all corners of this planet. Wow! A lot of clicks and kind comments from kindred bloggers. Full circle—I am honored, humbled, and encouraged by this technology.

My cousin asked me, “what is a blog and why do people blog?” I replied, “blogging is a world-wide community platform where individuals create, share, educate, and inspire.” Blogging is a snapshot into the world’s eye of humanity. Every emotion is displayed and support often comes in the form of comments from fellow bloggers who get the message. Blogging is a place where one’s passions live on.

If I had two wishes for blogging, they would be for readers to take a moment to comment and to explore the entire site, rather than merely read the current post. This blogger has come full circle in the past year, and will pause while this season comes to an end.

Many thanks to WordPress, my followers, and for the opportunity to make a small difference from my home, garden, life.

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