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Fall delivers shapely pumpkins to home gardens and farmer’s markets.
I frequently select a beautiful Cinderella variety—as I relate to the story—work, work, work, during the holidays.

Long Island cheese pumpkin

With Thanksgiving around the corner, I created a luscious soup recipe to share with my dedicated blog followers. It gracefully transitions traditional Halloween décor into a memorable starter or a main course. This pretty pumpkin decorated my front stoop from October until this morning, when she came inside for a final shower.

Next she succumbed to the ice pick…

Next she roasted at 400F for two hours until tender.

cool this beauty before removing seeds and skin

When the roasted pumpkin feels tender to the touch, let it cool then remove the meat from the skin—separating the seeds and string, all while avoiding spills of the copious liquid. In retrospect, simply cut the pumpkin into huge wedges, seed, then roast. I vaguely remember doing this last year and most the liquid evaporated, making the pulp removal a breeze.

Diane’s Recipe: Sauté a large, peeled/sliced sweet white onion in 2T olive oil, add 1.5 lb. drained pumpkin pulp (do this in a strainer), 1T sugar, 2t ground coriander, 4 cups of low sodium vegetable broth (I use Imagine Organic), sea salt and black pepper to taste. Cover and simmer 15 minutes. Add one sliced/peeled/seeded Bartlett pear, remove from heat for 10 minutes. Use a stick blender to puree contents in the pot, or for a finer texture, process in a blender working in batches. Add 2T sweet butter to finish.

Serve in pretty cups garnished with chives and cilantro. Serves 6

Freeze any remaining roasted pulp in 2C containers, as this is the perfect portion for more soup or pumpkin pie. Cooks Illustrated has a perfect pumpkin pie recipe that calls for cooking the pulp a bit more to remove additional liquid…a super solution.

ready for the freezer

the finished soup

Oops, I see the Cinderella light flashing! Now where is that glass slipper??

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

POST SCRIPT: This is pumpkin is actually a Long Island Cheese Pumpkin, an heirloom variety. Another favorite is the Rouge Vif D’Etampes if you can find it.

By the way, check out http://gardenclub.homedepot.com/thank-a-pumpkin-making-pumpkin-soup/ to see this post on the Home Depot Stretch Gardening Series! Who knows what else you will find there! Good Stuff!

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