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simple holiday décor on the cottage

My dear cousin inspired today’s blog. Describing how she struggled with the artificial Christmas tree assembly (sans husband), the frustration of which dead bulb affected the entire string, and how this process was no longer a joy, I wondered why bother; after all she and hubby are now empty nesters.

I relate to this tale, as last year I cut a small stray cedar at a nearby farm, hauled it home, dragged out all the accoutrements, and as I hung the decades old ornaments, realized that I no longer connected with this ritual. Three days later, I deconstructed the tree, wound all the lights into tidy bundles, bagged the ornaments that no longer held meaning, and donated the lot to the animal shelter in time for their holiday sale.

Christmas can be a time for renewal as well as a time for rebirth. Out with dated habits and in with new inspired traditions is my mantra. The suggestion to my cousin— make a list of current rituals that no longer hold meaning—the volunteering that no longer sparks passion—the chores that are dull—and make a new list—one that inspires good will and creative exploration—a direction intended to spread one’s light on the world.

Therefore this season, with fresh eyes and heart, I erected a small everlasting iron tree form in my bay window where I hung the remaining ornaments that hold meaning. Simple yet eternal—not the extravagant decorations of magazines, yet tiny snippets of my past that inspire moments of contentment.

everlasting tree with ornaments that hold meaning and a handmade felt tree skirt repurposed in the bay window

everlasting tree with ornaments that hold meaning and a handmade felt tree skirt repurposed in the bay window

Here in the United States, I am annually horrified by the manic holiday season which is driven by the retail monster. Long before Thanksgiving, our senses are dulled by a push to spend, spend, spend. Most Americans do not have much to spend, yet are herded by traditions that perhaps are long past obsolete.

I opted out of this madness decades ago and choose instead to create a few tokens of affection and appreciation of my making. No outsourcing here.

Homemade, homegrown, home.

May your season be blessed with true meaning.

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