winter in Albemarle

winter in Albemarle

We are still in the grip of winter. Holidays are behind us. Valentine’s Day provided an excuse to binge on our favorite chocolate, and with another weekend near, I have important information to share.

This is a great time of year to micro-clean things like hair brushes, cosmetic implements, body care clippers, shavers, and hair bobs. Really? Indeed.

Let us face it, both we and our four-leggers all have creepy crawly things on our bodies—no matter how impeccably we live. Under normal circumstances, this is a symbiotic relationship. Often we share parasites which go unnoticed until we get run down—then critters can cause a multitude of problems. Often misdiagnosed, sometimes for years, it takes an astute MD to detect the true cause of itchy, flaky scalp, sinus pain, and blurry vision.

Take Demodex for instance. This condition is caused by a mite that lives in hair follicles. It can cause demodectic conjunctivitis, blurred vision, even hair loss! Another rare bacteria from a mold spore called ‘serratia marcescens‘ can cause acute sinus infections, upper respiratory distress, and will manifest in many places throughout the human body. It is inhaled. Go figure.

OMG you say! Indeed. Good news, there are cures and preventative steps that are relatively simple if we just take some time for a few simple routine chores.

helpful tea tree products

rubbing alcohol soak

hot water bath with tea tree oil for all washables

Clean all those storage boxes

washed assortment of personal items

remember to wash eyeglasses in soapy water at least once per week

Simple steps:

#1 Wash your assorted brushes in hot, soapy water with 10 drops of tea tree oil
#2 Soak all your personal hygiene tools in a dish of rubbing alcohol
#3 Wash all your sheets, towels and PJ’s in HOT water with tea tree oil
#4 Shampoo and soap down with tea tree products
#5 Wipe down all your phones and portable devices weekly
#6 Remember to wash you eye glasses in soapy warm water at least once per week
#7 Notice subtle changes in skin, hair, eyes. Report any changes to your health care practitioner
#8 Pay attention to your four-leggers’ skin, hair, eyes and ears

When your chores are over, treat yourself to another healthy dose of fine chocolate!

healthy dose of chocolate

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