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Are you  there?

Are you there?

Dear Followers of my blog,

I wondered why I rarely hear back from my many of you and finally inquired at WordPress—this is their response this morning:

I checked your account, and it had gotten flagged automatically (which prevents it from showing up in the Reader, to help protect our other users), but now that I’ve reviewed the site, I can see that this was a false positive. I’ve set your blog so that it won’t be accidentally flagged again. Your posts will now show up in the Reader!

Your viewers will need to visit their Blogs I Follow page and make sure to set their alerts for your blog to their preferences; they can choose to not receive any notifications, or to receive daily, weekly, or however else they would like.

Therefore, my dear followers, you may need to re-visit my site to catch up on all the missed posts!

Best to you all,

Diane LaSauce

Author of home, garden, life