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I quit counting. Yes! At last annual count, two-thousand of the best key lime pies on the planet have left my inspected kitchen, made by moi, a one-woman operation since 2000— the pie was introduced in 2005!

Now mind you, I never planned this occupation. However a love of memorable food is what I exploited — in order to manage contractors during a long, and often painful 6.5 year home renovation — and delivered me to this point in life. Presently, a growing, discerning following quietly blooms in my hometown, while these pies have traveled as far north as Maine and as far south as Georgia, lovingly tucked into coolers by guardians of my KLPie.

named by locals--the best Key Lime Pie on the Planet...

named by locals as The Best Key Lime Pie on the Planet…made one at a time, every time.

It seems to be the crust that hooks them first, then customers order repeatedly, and then tell their friends. Then their friends become customers.
As a humble one-woman operation, I do not advertise, yet I am the first hit on Google when key lime pie Charlottesville — is searched. Ahem, awesome!

Last July one local restaurant (Citizen Burger Bar) began carrying these pies, and they continue to be the only dessert on their menu. As of last week, weekly orders increased, taunting me with the fantasy that perhaps I can stash enough pie money to 1) take a real vacation, or 2) replace my 13 YO MPV, or 3) really retire, or 4) hire garden help.

This same restaurateur plans to open a sister eatery in Clarendon (Arlington) in 2014, and already inquired if I could keep up with demand. YES! Until my final breath.

So folks,  if you are reading this for the first time, and crave some of the best key lime pie on the planet, you are close. Stop by the restaurant in Charlottesville, or contact me (info on Facebook page) and order your very own. My inspected kitchen is open year round and folks come from all over the state with coolers to fill.

the crusts hook them

the crusts hook them

Those of you who follow my blog might like to see photos of the completed kitchen countertop renewal. Nice huh?

completed counter-top restoration

completed countertop restoration

oh so sleek and baby bottom smooth


my reward for all my effort, grilled Irish cheddar cheese with Irish butter. Yum!
Where is the Guinness???

Life in the foothills of central Virginia is blissfully peaceful, allowing creativity to flow.
My mission is sustainable, my food goal memorable.


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