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This week’s weather was trying—the forecast spot on—I lost all utilities for 2.5 days and hunkered down until last night, dressed like an Eskimo, sleeping in my clothes and cap. Not fun! I thought I would share my pain through the following photographs:

Tuesday night, heavy, wet, damaging snow fell for hours, and I awoke to this…

crepe myrtle pinned to ground

crepe myrtle pinned to ground

crepe myrtle pinata

stabbing the pile of wet, heavy stuff

Cypress trees reduced in height by half

cypress trees reduced in height by half

at least the oatmeal stout and porter cheese needed no refrigeration!

at least the oatmeal stout and porter cheese needed no refrigeration!

no doubt spring will arrive

no doubt spring will arrive despite what is dished out of the sky

Apparently life in rural Virgina brings with it many trials. Summers are brutally hot and humid, with plentiful biting insects while wicked storms often whip through leaving residents without power for days. Now winter brings similar outages, demanding one to be resilient. Although I toughed 51 degree F temps indoors for nearly three days, when the utilities finally returned, I was totally exhausted—even resorted to sitting in the van as the afternoon sun raised her head, creating a greenhouse effect and bringing temperatures to 80 F.

Last time I checked this is the twenty-first century right?

Before retiring last night I managed a hot shower and shampoo, a load of laundry, some hot soup, before collapsing into the nearest bed.

OK Mother Nature, this gal has had enough already. You are shaking your magnificent mane again—reminding us how you always have your way with us. You entered March and got our attention. Now, PLEASE, I ask you for a wee bit of spring before the lawn demands a weekly mow? Please?

March often does enter as a lion, yet folks, prepare like a warlord.

This is my new life slogan! Yet when I remember to take a lesson from challenging situations, particularly nature, I am reminded that resilience is key and so far, I bounce back. Now headed to the terrace to have lunch in the brilliant sunshine, I will listen to the song of gurgling/melting snow as it nourishes the landscape.

Also humming “there is a legal limit to the snow here, in Camelot!”

Here’s hoping that you are warm and cozy this day. 😉

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