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Last night the moon was splendidly full yet overnight temperatures dipped to 34F again. For the end of April in central Virginia, this is cold.


Dogwood in full bloom

The nesting female bluebird survived freezing temperatures last week and was quick to find their private feeder full of mealworms this morning—ordered in specially for her, her mate, and the soon to be nestlings.
Freezing temperatures often limit the number of edible insects bluebirds require, therefore human intervention can aid the overall success of the pair and brood.


The order of 5,000 mealworms arrived this morning. After three days in the post, they are hungry and thirsty. Notice how they converge on the kiwi fruit for moisture. Organic lettuce leaves and the bed of organic oat bran provide food as well.

Knowing that both bluebirds were in good feed, I joined a neighbor and her darling daughter on a visit to a nearby Mennonite garden nursery. The sun shone brilliantly burning off any chill from the night—good day for an open house.
These fields are serious business for a man, his eight children, and many grandchildren.


High tech farming practices in place along the sleepy foothills of the Blue Ridge


Tomato plants already in the ground.


Inside the fragrant hot-house, the annual plants display row after row.


A pre-schooler learning the wonders of plants. A white petunia she had to have.


Little Abby back home from the nursery already in a farming mood!

While snacking on a freshly made donut, still warm from the kitchens, I managed to part with a few dollars for annuals that will go into the butterfly garden.
Abby inhaled two donuts, never blinking twice. Ah to be five again!
Another great day in the country, yet time to return to my kitchen as Saturday market will be here soon enough.
May you all have a splendid weekend.

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