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The end of April, I discovered the Keto diet and learned from many YouTube posts on the topic. I decided to try it. After all, I knew I was addicted to sugar, chocolate and always felt like I needed to eat something…for most of the last eighteen years.

Of course, during that time I hit menopause and got older, much older. Twenty pounds crept onto my body, despite my demanding physical chores here at Swallowtail Cottage,  and finally I said, “STOP!!”


What appealed to me about Keto was the meat factor. And bacon. I was brought up on the notion that fat is bad for us. Some are. Yet with my new market neighbor, who raises only grass fed/finished chicken, beef, and pork I am in Keto heaven.

For the past twenty years I stuck to organic/sustainably raised produce and other foods, mostly from Whole Foods Market. Now I seek even more, locally raised food and enjoy supporting this effort. In the last post I mentioned Harmony Hill Farm. If you have not visited their web site, do. Quickly you will learn how hard it is to be a real farmer. Yes, I whine about weather conditions here on my half-acre, but when one speaks of hundreds of acres, dozens of animals of variety…now that takes pride, dedication, patience of a saint, and stamina.


Since I live alone, smoothies are the quickest way to ingest veggies, supplements and not so perfect produce. I rarely prepare a sit down meal during warmer months. Upon more food research, I learned that some veggies are not absorbed properly if consumed raw…like spinach and broccoli. Yet one can miss essential enzymes if veggies are steamed…so, this morning as I prepared my AM smoothie, I steamed a large handful of organic spinach for two minutes, then for good measure, added a handful of raw spinach to the pitcher. Then,

Back up to the beginning of this smoothie. Two weeks ago, I discovered a brand of organic bacon that is also sugar free at Whole Foods Market. And, wow, is it delicious! Since I am always looking to have fast food at home, I render 4 oz. at a time, save the drippings in a glass jar, store the uneaten portion in the fridge, and this way I always have cooked bacon at the ready.

Now my go to breakfast is bacon and egg(s), and a green smoothie. This morning was my one-step-closer to a wholesome, fast food breakfast.

Warm two strips of cooked bacon in the microwave, 5 seconds.

Pour 8 OZ unsweetened almond/walnut milk into Vitamix pitcher. (I make my own)
Add any not-perfect raw lettuce.
Add one large handful of raw organic spinach.
Add steamed spinach (two handfuls raw, steamed two minutes)
Add any prescribed supplements (I open the capsules)
Add 1/4 t. each of ground cinnamon and ginger (for inflammation)
Add 1 T. nutritional yeast (B vitamins)
Add 1/4 t. Matcha powder (organic)
Add 1 or 2 organic hard boiled eggs (depending on my morning activity)
Add 1 t. Raw Organic Apple Cider Vinegar (with the Mother)
Add one dipper of organic wheat grass juice powder (MAJU Superfoods, Amazon)
Pinch of Himalayan pink salt

When I reached the egg portion of breakfast, I thought, since I have boiled eggs in the fridge (great go-to snack), I would just toss a peeled egg into the Vitamix…and will not need to fire up the stove-top. Yes!


Adding the boiled egg to the pitcher created a lovely texture to the overly veggie mix.

I am not a Vitamix saleswoman, but after trying every smoothie maker at Bed, Bath, & Beyond, I bit the bullet and ordered the highly rated, yet pricey Vitamix 5200. To soften the cost, I rummaged down in the basement, and posted many items no longer used on FB marketplace and voila! in just hours, I raised enough cash to offset the cost of the mighty Vitamix! And no yard sales necessary! Good creates good.

So to end this tale of breakfast, I am moving along in Keto. No longer do I crave sweet chocolate or carbs. I have suffered with leg cramps recently, and from the Keto Reset FB Group (of hardcore Keto folks who follow their macros), I learned that this is one side effect of Keto. Onto the new learning curve of balancing electrolytes and moi as I transition away from a life of carbs and sugar. Solo water, made at home using Himalayan pink salt, appears to be fixing the leg cramp issue.

Let me know if Keto is a way of life for you. If not, this smoothie, I promise is one for the menu.

Disclaimer: I do not receive any compensation for mentioning brands in this post.

In the meantime, it is a sunny 80F, the blueberries are ripening under the tulle,


and eager market customers await my organic berries come Saturday.

Oh those blueberries!

At any rate, I always love hearing from you.

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