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BEFORE you scrunch up your nose and read elsewhere, I invite readers to indulge. This time of year, field grown kale is abundant at our farmer’s market. What you see here is ONE bunch, putting to shame the pale kale offered at area stores. Storage tip: when I return home from the market, I slice the kale stem ends off a bit, stand the bunch in a bowl of water, and store in the fridge until I get around to using the leaves. There the leaves perk up and are ready for any recipe. Today I chose kale chips.


When I cannot eat anymore steamed kale, I turn to kale chips. Easy peasy. Just rinse the kale, shake off any water, remove spines, tear leaves into pieces, place into a large bowl, sprinkle with organic olive oil and Himalayan pink salt, and bake on parchment covered sheet pans…350F for 10-12 minutes (I use convection).


Remove sheet pans from oven and slide toasted kale leaves into a large bowl (just lift the paper and form into a V). Immediately sprinkle kale chips with a healthy dose of nutritional yeast while they remain hot. Let cool. Continue batches. FYI: nutritional yeast packs a punch of B vitamins and adds a pleasant cheesy flavor.


Voila! A handsome batch of kale chips. Munch as they are; add to salads, or sprinkle over omelets. Keep chips covered (I store them in a cool oven). Eat within a few days…or minutes depending on who is home. 😉

As readers may remember from my last post, the end of April, I began the Keto diet. This is a keto friendly recipe and a healthy way to consume the powerhouse Kale.

Have I convinced readers to try this simple recipe?

Bon Appetit!

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