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Three months ago, I began Keto… just stumbled on the information and liked what I read from the onset. Fortunately, I am a healthy, mature woman, and the traditional food pyramid no longer worked for me, so I decided why not?

The first three days of sugar detox was mildly unpleasant. Getting my personal eating routine fine tuned took another few weeks. I joined the Keto Reset FB group and receive instant feedback from folks online. Wise feedback. I located organic, grass-fed/finished meat/food products at the local farmer’s market, Whole Foods Market, and Trader Joe’s.

When I had my annual physical in June, I had lost five pounds. Moreover, since then my body, mind, and spirit have all improved. I feel grounded. Less tired. No cravings, while intermittent fasting is an amazing experience. Even gardening chores before breakfast astound me with increased stamina!

I rekindled my love of bacon. For most my life I avoided eating fat of any kind. Fat makes us fat, right? Wrong! This mentality caused me to eat too many carbs and sugar triggering weight gain, constant grazing, and general anxiety. Since beginning Keto, slowly rendered organic, sugar-free bacon is my morning ritual enjoyed with battered eggs (cooked in plenty of rendered bacon fat).


A long-forgotten iron pan is perfect for rendering organic bacon. I cut the slices in half to make them more manageable.


I revisit my love of bacon with all the fat. Yum!


Bacon rendered on #3 (low) heat creates the perfect seasoning for this old iron pan.


Even my splatter guard fits the pan perfectly!


For the battered eggs, I use an 8″ SS pan, generously greased with 1/4 c. of rendered fat.


Before I used bacon fat, eggs would stick horribly to this SS pan. Now, no problem.


In just minutes, a satisfying breakfast. The beverage can be hot with cream or a cold cocoa smoothie with supplements added.


Excess bacon fat is stored into a reused jam jar in the fridge. No need anymore for butter/ghee. No your eyes are not wonky, this photo is. 😉


Cooked bacon pieces are stored in a glass container in the fridge for other breakfasts.


SCORE!! Bought from my farmer neighbor at the farmer’s market yesterday…grass fed/finished marrow bones. These will be roasted at 450F for twenty minutes with a wee bit of salt & pepper. I will return the spent bones to the farmer and he will offer to his herd guard dogs.


Another SCORE!! Trader Joe’s finally restocked Belgian Haricot Vert beans…the only bean I eat and it is a perfect, low carb veggie. Found in the freezer case, these are super from freezer to steamer…two minutes and Voila! A dash of organic olive oil, Himalayan salt, and perhaps some sliced almonds make this humble vegetable elegant!

Want more info? Simply type Keto into the search bar of this blog’s home page, you can see more of my Keto recipes and revelations.

I am one happy camper right now.

Let me read your thoughts in the comments section. Do you Keto? If you are considering an eating change, give Keto a chance. Allow at least three months to work out the kinks and make this diet yours…so glad that I did.

And YES! I do eat a huge salad of organic, leafy greens in the afternoon (now around 2 PM), usually with a grass-fed burger, a small hunk of raw Gruyere (Swiss) or Comte (France), and a boiled egg sprinkled with organic olive oil and organic coconut aminos. Tasty and very satisfying. No need for dinner, just 625 mg of magnesium malate and another chunk of cheese and I am done eating for the day. My IF window is widening all on its own, so fat be gone! How wonderful not to have cravings anymore.

PS: As mentioned before, I do not receive any compensation for mentioning brands or businesses. This blog’s sole purpose is to educate and inspire.


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