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This morning I was in the mood to shake up breakfast. Too many green smoothies, too many bacon/eggs consumed this summer and I am a bit bored. As I poked around the Keto Reset FB page, I ran across a recipe for Keto Bread…90 second Keto Bread.
IF you enjoy pancakes, this is the Keto version for you.

The ingredients follows (my version):

3 T. almond flour (I had TJ’s brand in the freezer)
1 XL egg (I use organic, free range)
1/2t. baking powder (make sure your powder is aluminum free)
1/8t. salt (I use Himalayan salt)
1 T butter, melted (I use organic butter from grass fed cows)
1/2 c. frozen blueberries (optional, I use TJ’s tiny Boreal region wild berries)

Whisk all this together in a small bowl, then pour into a preheated 8″ saute pan (heat#4) where another T. of butter is melted. Since I do not use a microwave for cooking foods, I went the saute pan route. And to my surprise this lovely batter puffed up. If you add blueberries, add them to the top of the batter after it pours into the pan.
Peek under the edge until the “bread” is golden brown. This takes a bit of time, so don’t rush this step. Once turned, this pancake quickly turned to brown on the second side.  Gently peek under the first side’s edge using a rubber spatula. When golden and set, turn using a large, flat spatula.
Keep “bread” in a warming oven until sausage and egg are cooked.

Enjoy the photos below and give this a try.

Paired with pork sausage and a fried egg (cooked in the same pan), this becomes a one pan meal.
Of course if you want to celebrate your success, a wee bit of organic raw agave or honey and another pat of butter can be melted together and poured over the meal.

If I owned a waffle iron, I bet this batter would work well. Let me know if this works in your waffle iron.


I recently purchased this 8″ non-stick ceramic saute pan and love it. It is free of PTFE, PFOA, lead, and cadmium. The batter sets up quickly; just keep an eye on the batter’s bottom and turn when golden.


An 8″ saute pan is the perfect platform for this batter. Melt a pat of organic butter on #5 heat and pour batter into pan.  The original recipe called for zapping this batter in the microwave for 90 seconds and then browning; I never use a microwave when cooking food. This pan is the perfect alternative and saves a step. I am all for that.


Once browned on one side, simply turn and brown on second side. It is very tender. If you love pancakes, you will love this “bread”. It may be halved/shared or eaten as one portion, depending on your appetite.


Plate “bread” and top with a sunny side, organic egg. Concealed under the egg is a free-range pork patty.

Let me know if you enjoy this breakfast. Cheers!

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