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Summer finally loosed her grip on central Virginia. Daytime temperatures now range between 47F-78F. Ahhh.

This year, heat and humidity seemed to last forever, forcing this gardener outdoors before dawn for chores. The manic mockingbird, and the mouthy rooster from two properties away were my only sunrise companions amongst the persistent weeds. Mowing occurred only after the sun was below the cypress hedge. Waaay below.

My gardens are now nineteen years old, requiring no watering even during the driest conditions. Live and learn. In my next life, I hope that I remember all this garden taught me.

Now with pleasant daytime temperatures  I shall report on the fun (read leasure) I shared yesterday. Within a short drive from Swallowtail Cottage, one of our local vineyards (http://kingfamilyvineyards.com) hosts thrilling polo matches that are free to the public. The only caveat is purchasing your adult beverage from the wine wheels that frequently putter by in the form of a golf cart.

Below are captured images of this blissful afternoon:

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Sadly the founder David King succumbed to cancer this year. Here is a link paying homage to his legacy…https://www.cbs19news.com/content/news/King-Family-holds-first-polo-match-after-founder-passes-away-510457121.html

Thanks to David’s vision and generosity, hundreds of area residents decompress with family and friends most Sundays during summer months. October is my month to venture outdoors.

What is your favorite month for outdoor activities?

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