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Not sure why Kroger is taking until 2025 to discontinue plastic bags in stores. Other retailers are beginning to break the habit earlier. We as individuals can begin today by using only reusable cloth bags for shopping/ produce/errands. We can also boycott stores/vendors who refuse to stop this consumption of plastic. Do you agree?

Even here in Charlottesville, we have an independent coffee purveyor who refuses to cease offering plastic straws. I am working with local government to make local changes in ordinances, but apparently here a Dillon’s Rule applies. That needs to change. Why should any retailer profit if it is at the expense of the environment?

Anyway I am on a tear this winter, while the garden is dormant, to research and share knowledge on this blog. Are you with me? Let me know in the comments section as words will convey your opinions. Simply clicking the like button does not.

Although I reside in the foothills of central VA, we do have creeks, rivers, reservoirs, lakes, and waterways impacted by plastic pollution. Those of you who reside near oceans, the issues are more grand and your participation in local government decisions carry much weight.

Today I wrote to a vet at Woods Hole to find out more regarding sea turtle barnacle infestations. IF they reply, I will share that info here… in the meantime, have a look:

In the meantime, will you join in and stop using plastics today? Why not look at all the ways plastic enters your life/home. Small steps to reduce this infiltration will make a difference.

Refer to my last three blog posts for details.

Thank you. Diane