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still eating kale and cabbage salad...this time with an egg!

Lightly steamed greens, cabbage and a soft boiled egg make a great meal.

Last April I began the Keto diet. Those of you who follow this blog read a few recipes that inspired my journey. I also joined a FB Keto Reset Group, where many of my questions were answered. I did not buy any books, yet found many at the local library.
Initial Keto side effects were minimal, yet noticeable (leg cramps, headache) and both symptoms passed with conscious electrolyte balance using Himalayan salt and sugar elimination.

At first I enjoyed the morning bacon fest (normally I don’t eat much meat) and the grass-fed burger for lunch. I quickly weaned off sugar and carbs. That was a good thing. I lost cravings. That was the best thing. I stopped grazing. That was even better.
I never lost weight, but I lost body fat. Apparently, according to my doc, as we age, our set point changes, therefore I will never weigh what I weighed in my youth. Sigh.

I continued with this expensive experiment when, six months in my body rebelled. I developed constant indigestion and could not look at meat. Since I never had gut issues before, I surmised it was the meat. In addition, the expense was unsustainable, as I always choose grass fed, organic foods. This teaching moment, “listen to your body” spoke volumes. I also confess I quickly tired of the smell of meat in my kitchen. I feared that my range hood would soon drip grease. 😉


gone are the days of a bacon scented kitchen

Therefore, since October I am off Keto, feel much better, with gut issues instantly resolved. I remain off sugar and most carbs. I returned to whole milk (which I use in my tea) and skip the almond milk as it contains so many fillers, is not organic, and making my own was a giant hassle. Organically raised, grass fed cows produce plenty of quality milk and is found even in big box stores here in America.

So this is what I learned from Keto:

Keto broke my sugar habit. Keto freed me of my gluten/carb addiction. Both are huge in themselves, and would make every household happier/healthier.

Let’s face it, refined sugar and carbs are addictive and fattening.

What do I eat now you ask?

For breakfast I have a warmed slice of rosemary ham (TJ’s) and two pan fried organic/free range eggs in butter. I often add as a side, steamed organic kale/green beans or sauteed mushrooms. A large mug of steaming organic Rooibous tea (365) with whole milk fills my tank. If I want a taste of chocolate, TJ’s carries an organic, fair trade 72% chocolate bar that is always present in my pantry. One square sets me straight and satisfies…after all a gal cannot be without her chocolate, right? Sugar is minimal too.

For lunch, I warm either a hot soup using WFM’s organic Imagine® Brand chicken or beef broth (skip the low sodium varieties), green veggies of my choice, a hard boiled egg, and either eat that with a spoon or heat and toss everything into the Vitamix and make a drinkable concoction for on the go. I also found a delicious, grass-fed New Zealand sharp cheddar at TJ’s, that I cut it into chunks and keep in a glass container in the fridge. I can grab a square either as a snack or in addition to my lunch. Good fast food.


great meals are created in my Vitamix. Especially when I am tired of chewing. 😉

For Dinner, I rarely eat “dinner” as I am not hungry so around 5 PM I usually have a chunk of cheddar and a glass of water or a cup of herbal tea, along with my magnesium malate supplement. If for some reason insomnia kicks in later, I rise and have a 1/2 c. of whole milk and off I go to dreamland.

Take away, no not the food kind…but in closing:

  • The sugar/carb habit is broken.
  • I eat simple, good quality foods, while supporting sustainable, organic farming practices.
  • I am satisfied. No cravings.
  • I treat myself to chocolate (mentioned above)
  • I also occasionally crave a crunch, so I eat TJ’s olive oil potato chips, in very small quantities.
  • I also make kale chips at home…just type “kale” into the search bar of this blog.
  • The only oils/fats I consume are organic olive and grass-fed butter. Turns out I had an allergic reaction to coconut oil.
  • I boycott all imported avocados, as the farming practices are not sustainable and big Ag is robbing water from native people. Just Google this topic.
  • Cook at home. Involve the family. Turn off all devices while honoring food.
  • Find what green veggies you like and keep them either in the freezer (green beans) or your fridge (kale, veggie tops, fennel, sprouts). Even canned pumpkin makes a great addition to broths/soups/smoothies.
  • Nearly one year later, I never think of pasta or bread. I cooked pasta once in December… meh. I have organic quinoa occasionally, but last time I cooked it, it went wanting. The bread isle misses me.
  • My brain feels more focused and at my age that is a good thing. 😉
  • Stay well hydrated always with pure water only. I installed an RO system at home.
  • I use all the Himalayan salt I desire.
  • Since oceans are exploited, I do not eat sea salt, and rarely eat any fish. During summer months, I make Solo water (1 t. Himalayan salt>1 pint of water) instead of buying electrolyte water…works great.
  • Stay well away from caffeine. That too is highly addictive. My caffeine comes in bits of occasional chocolate and freshly brewed organic matcha.
  • Remind yourself that your body is indeed a temple. It will take much abuse, but revels in practice of moderation, purity, and simplicity.

Go well into 2020.

If we are not getting older, we are dead.

It is better to be over the hill than under it.

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