Nobody Knows (Paul Brady), Everything Comes and Goes (Down to You, Joni Mitchell), no more i love you’s (D.Freeman/J. Hughes) sung by Annie Lennox, Medusa lyrics tiptoe through my consciousness as I reflect on the tragic loss of legend, Kobe Bryant. As I listen to his many interviews, I realize that Kobe was a man with an extraordinary work ethic, who followed his passion, gave his all to the sport, and said it best here:

Rest in peace Kobe and Gianna.

During his brief retirement, Kobe revisited his artistic side and once again, his efforts were a slam dunk. Dear Basketball won an academy award in 2018 for best Animated Short Film. So much more was in the pipeline…

And in the event you did not follow Kobe’s career/life read here:


Life and Death are one thread; the same line viewed from different sides.
Lao Tzu