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Or will it?
Recent events in America left at least half of her citizens stunned, horrified, and traumatized.

Not only have we dealt with a narcissistic lunatic in the White House for the past four years, a pandemic of epic proportions since 2020, senseless murders, and the desecration of historic monuments, we are now forced to deal with hatred, riots, and rampant disregard for truth and democracy.

I no longer recognize my own country!

Years ago I worked two blocks from the United States Capitol building. On pretty days, I would take my lunch and sit at a fountain in front of the Supreme Court, then stroll across the street to the handsome gardens and grounds of the Capitol, politely nodding to Capitol police. I also photographed the beautiful iron work in the lamps, stair rails, and bus stops that embellished those grounds. Often I would gaze up at the fabulous Capitol building in awe, knowing that within those walls housed the elected officials of our nation. How small I felt realizing how behemoth the significance was.

Gone are those days.

Before recent events, I surmise that pedestrians or even employees on a lunch break on the Capitol Grounds, without proper credentials, would be suspect. Perhaps even disallowed. By 1999, I departed Northern Virginia, and returned to the place of my roots, where I spent my dreamy childhood on the back of a horse.

Since 2000, I embedded myself in the blissful countryside outside Charlottesville, bought my first house, developed a successful small business, and all the while the nation changed. While living in a small town, it is easy to miss the subtlety of toxic government. One can vote for change, yet there is an undercurrent of hate that festered. The boil burst on January 6, 2021.

As I eagerly await the new Washington administration come January 20th, I fear too often, despite my fragile hope and optimism. The cancer in Washington has had four years to metastasize. I dread many vital organs of government are malignant. I wonder if the diagnosis will be fatal.

As the great nation we once represented to the planet, this country is at a precipice, toes on the edge…teetering while the earth falls away. Can we draw back from this? Can this nation be healed? Will national terrorists tire and learn that intimidation never wins? Or have they drunk the Kool-Aid never to yield?

Time will tell. Eventually most people on the planet will be vaccinated. While big pharma is cooking up Covid vaccines, perhaps they could create a vaccination that would cure hate.

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