I discovered that this dreary weather has taken a toll and kicked me when I am already down. Keeping a happy face despite the stress of this pandemic, I finally met my match. For the last two days I just wanted to roll over in bed and forget. Forget the day, forget the suffering, forget the routines, and forget the fact that I have not had my first jab.

calm sky

On August 6th, 2020 a violent hail storm came through and beat my three roofs to bits. The insurance company called them a total loss. I never liked the typical three-tab shingles, so I priced metal. Angels were looking out for me, and I was referred to an Amish family who specializes in metal roofing. After my appointment in October, I signed on. There was a long wait list.

A week ago my phone rang and they were ready…they gave me a ONE DAY notice…I hung onto my hat and three days later, with five men on my roofs, I had my transformation.

Below you can see snippets of my old/new roofs…house, carport and garden shed.


The former shingled roof.

Old cedar shakes

Old cedar shakes on the garden shed. I did like the shakes but how fragile they are…

lovely. just lovely

lovely. just lovely

precise workmanship!

precise workmanship!

Finally more handsome abode

Finally a more handsome abode. For nearly twenty years, I have worked, worked, worked on this 1970’s ranch…

The great part of metal roofing is that the old asphalt shingles remain on the building…that translates to no waste going to a landfill. A good thing. And the metal has an Energy Star rating and a 40 year warranty!

Ok, no wonder I am exhausted. But, wait! On March 6th, my HVAC system is being replaced! Yes, I am a masochist! This translates to workmen being inside my attic space (filled with R35 cellulose), tramping down my narrow attic stairs with the old air handler, walking through the living/dining room, and out the front door. They must dismantle/assemble what goes out and what comes in, THEN  new lines must be run the full length of the attic, out the soffit, and down the outside of the house to the new unit. OMG!!!

This time the $$$ comes out of my pocket. Yippee!

This is why at my ripe old age, I continue to produce income. I wonder what I would do if I did not own this money pit.

That is why I call home…MY NEEDY BOX.

Do you have one? Do share in the comments section.

The forecast says more sleet in two days. I’d best get myself outdoors this 50-ish F sunny afternoon, as soon I will be hold up in my kitchen baking orders or under a pile of mohair blankets binging on YouTube.

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