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Days never seem to slow, and meals are simple, healthy, and quick. Below are a few new meal photos that are lectin free, gluten free, both Keto and Paleo friendly and always organic.

I use my dry crepe pan to heat almond tortillas and top them with eggs and hemp seeds. Yummy breakfast. Sometimes my eggs go awry in the pan.
Here are roasted/shredded organic, free range chicken thighs, sliced artichoke hearts, hearts of palm, and a sheet of organic Sushi Nori seaweed stuffed with goat cheese. Almond tortillas add a crunchy twist. Somehow that Nori looks like an eel.
Another breakfast meal variation: Organic, free range eggs, roasted chicken, macadamia and pistachio nuts, artichoke hearts, and a splash of organic olive oil. A one skillet meal always accompanied by a half cup of organic blueberries and a T. of organic heavy cream. A large mug of Rooibos tea with a splash of organic 1/2 and 1/2 or freshly brewed Matcha hits the spot. And yes, I confess I do eat right out of the skillet some days. šŸ˜‰
Hearts of palm, artichoke hearts, roasted chicken garnished with crumbled goat cheese over toasted almond tortillas make a satisfying meal. Steamed organic kale is a fine side dish.

For months I have enjoyed intermittent fasting, finding my best windows at 8AM and 2PM. So far I have lost 7 pounds and most of that fat. Am I happy, yes indeed.

The trying summer of 2021 is behind me and the gardens are nearly tucked in for their winter’s rest. I mowed for the last time on Sunday. My hips are so relieved. Many outdoor projects are winding down…exterior painting, house washing, removal of the old deck boards on the concrete slab patio, and rock relocation just to name a few. Next week the construction of a new retaining wall on the lower patio is scheduled. Lumber arrives on Monday.

I found a home for my vast collection of heirloom peonies, as in twenty years, they became too much for me to handle. They will be dug, transported, and replanted next Tuesday. My legacy continues.

My heirloom peonies will go to a new home next week.

Downsizing the gardens and aging-in-place continues. My battle against inflammation is ongoing.

How are your projects going? Are you ready for a long winter’s rest?

Keep safe.

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