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I write this on a January morning, with overcast skies and the temperature at 48F. At last I can boast that the interior temperature is now a blazing 68F! A far cry from last week!
There is still frozen snow about, making any yard work impossible. The broken crape myrtle branches are a sad sight, on the ground and many still hang from the crown. I have no way to trim/dispose of these, and must wait to hear from my reliable landscape crew. They are currently inundated with chain saw/chipping requests, so I must wait as I am a small property owner. Thousands of properties were damaged last week. Seven inches of wet snow delivered a wallop to everything in its path.

Still seeking a bit of storm recovery comfort, I decided it was time to create a new Keto/Paleo friendly winter warmer beverage. The perfect way to pause and reflect as we ready for the new year ahead.
So set those tax papers aside, and try this simple recipe.

On hand ingredients made for a quick concoction on this cold winter day…
Following a quick spin in the Vitamix, and brought to steaming on the stovetop, this is a comforting beverage that boosts the soul. This could also be a fine beverage during warmer months, spun with a few ice cubes.

Ingredients: Serves 1

8 oz. RO or spring water
1 T. organic CACAO powder (not cocoa)
2 T. MCT oil
2 T. JOI almond paste
1 t. Matcha powder (ceremonial grade from Japan)
Splash of organic heavy whipping cream
1 T. raw turbinado sugar (Fair Trade, organic), if desired

Spin all this in a blender pitcher until well blended.
Transfer liquid to a pan and heat over low heat just until steaming.
Pour into your favorite cup or mug.
Top with a sprinkle of organic cinnamon.

PS: I do not received compensation for mentioning/featuring ingredients. I just like to share good product information.

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