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This week temperatures will rise into the 90’s.
Alas, cool tender spring plants will become toast.
A brutal reminder that Virginia delivers months of hot, humid weather beginning now.
Since the turf requires weekly mowing, despite the weather, and invasives are robust, despite my efforts, I created a quick, refreshing cooler to soothe my post-garden body.
Made in seconds from pantry/fridge ingredients, and mostly Keto friendly, below is the recipe:

Easy to find ingredients either at Traders or AMZN, these items are always in my kitchen.

In a blender, ( I use a Vitamix ) add 4 OZ of RO water to the pitcher. Investing in a reverse osmosis system was one of the best house investments I ever made.
Add: 4 OZ half & half, a splash of heavy cream, a 1/2 t. of ceremonial Matcha, a heaping T. of TJ’s Fair Trade Cacao, a T. of raw Turbinado sugar (or sweetener of choice), a splash of avocado oil, and a scoop of ice cubes. The more ice, the more frosty it becomes.
Whirl all until thoroughly blended and enjoy.

These proportions may be increased to fit personal tastes, but this cool beverage hits the spot after steamy outdoor chores, and satisfies this chocolate lover’s daily needs. Makes two servings.
PS. I always choose organic, fair trade, and ceremonial grade ingredients.


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